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Leaf In a study funded by the CDC, patients enrolled in Consistent Care showed a 34% decrease in ED visits [1]

Leaf In the same study, Consistent Care enrollees were 80% less likely to receive an opioid prescription [1]

Leaf 2016 cost savings analysis shows average savings of $1659 per patient per year for health plan enrollees [2]


Clif Graph

This graph depicts monthly ED visits for a patient cohort of 225 before and after enrollment in case management services with Consistent Care. The average patient had 10 visits in the year prior to enrollment (total of 2240 visits/year), and only 4 in the following year (down to 980 visits/year).

[1] Murphy, S. M. & Neven, D. (2014). Cost-effective: Emergency department care coordination with a regional hospital information system. The Journal of Emergency Medicine, 47(2), 223-231.

[2] Neven, D., Paulozzi, L., Howell, D., McPherson, S., Murphy, S., Grohs, R., Marsh, L., Lederhos, C., & Roll, J. (2016). A randomized controlled trial of a citywide emergency department care coordination program to reduce prescription opioid related ED visits. The Journal of Emergency Medicine, article in press.





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A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Citywide Emergency Department Care Coordination Program to Reduce Prescription Opioid Related Emergency Department Visits.

Increasing prescription overdose deaths have demonstrated the need for safer emergency department (ED) prescribing practices for patients who are frequent ED users
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Cost-Effective: Emergency Department Care Coordination With a Regional Hospital Information System

Frequent and unnecessary utilization of the emergency department (ED) is often a sign of serious latent patient issues, and the associated costs are shared by many. Helping these patients get the care they need in the appropriate setting is difficult given their complexity, and their tendency to visit multiple EDs. 
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Effectiveness of Case Management Strategies in Reducing Emergency Department Visits in Frequent User Patient Populations: A Systematic Review

Case management (CM) is a commonly cited intervention aimed at reducing Emergency Department (ED) utilization by "frequent users," a group of patients that utilize the ED at disproportionately high rates. Studies have investigated the impact of CM on a variety of outcomes in this patient population.
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