– Patients –


Nurse with Patient happ at Home smallConsistent Care believes that every patient is unique. Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to the delivery of care is often not effective. We want to help you find better health, and sometimes that means addressing issues that aren’t easy to talk about. Our nurse case managers are prepared to help you access support for your mental health and substance abuse issues, as well as educate you on your health conditions and provide care coordination services.

We look forward to working alongside you in your journey to better health.

If you need immediate help accessing transportation, food, or other services, please click here.


– The Consistent Care Approach –


Leaf  Collaborates with local hospitals to provide services; communicates with hospitals and care providers through the Emergency Department Information Exchange (EDIE)

Leaf  Provides case management services to address gaps in care for patients who frequently utilize the Emergency Department

Leaf  Promotes care by a Primary Care Provider

Leaf  Reduces prescription drug misuse through the identification and assignment of a sole prescriber for controlled substances


– Overcoming Barriers –


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We know that accessing healthcare can be made more difficult by social and economic hardship. Our case management team can connect you to the resources you need – housing, transportation, and cell phones are just some of the many ways we can help you better access care.


– How Can We Help You? –


Leaf  It’s important to have a primary care physician.
We can help you find one.

Leaf  Substance abuse is tough – alcohol, prescription drugs, or other substances.
We can help you get treatment.

Leaf  Your mental health is important.
We can help you access care.

Leaf  Multiple medical problems can be overwhelming.
We can help you manage your medical needs.

Leaf  Health coverage a problem.
We can help you negotiate the system.


– Prescription Drug Drop-Off Locations –


Blue shields indicate law enforcement offices equipped to accept controlled substances (including narcotic pain killers, stimulant drugs, or depressants). Red pill bottles indicate pharmacies equipped to accept controlled and non-controlled substances. Yellow pill bottles indicate pharmacies equipped to accept non-controlled substances. For more information on prescription medication take back programs in your area, click an icon on the map or click here to be redirected to the Take Back Your Meds site.


– Naloxone is Closer Than You Think –

Use your zip code or address to search for locations where you can find naloxone. Includes pharmacies and community based organizations.


NEW and improved naloxone locator map on!


Naloxone map postcard (half sheet)