About Us

– About Us –

At Consistent Care, we believe that frequent users of the ED are best served by engaging the resources of the entire community beyond the limits of the traditional health care setting. Each enrollee receives individualized support from a team of RN Case Managers and Client Advocates who empower our patients and break down barriers to access such as homelessness, food insecurity, or transportation issues. Patients receive the tools they need to take back their lives and become successful contributors in their community.

We are not simply in the business of ED utilization reduction – we’re in the business of changing lives.

– Areas We Serve –

After starting in Spokane in 2006, we have grown into Yakima, Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla, and Snohomish Counties with the support of over 50 local agencies, hospitals, and health plans. We are currently exploring partnerships to support expansion into King, Kittitas, and Island Counties.

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If you are interested in connecting with Consistent Care in these or other areas, please contact us.


– 2017 Social Purpose Corporation Report –


As a Social Purpose Corporation, Consistent Care Services is able to focus our efforts on improving the health of the communities we serve by coordinating the care of patients. Our primary goal is to connect our patients to the resources they need with a secondary goal of reducing inappropriate utilization of health care services. By helping our patients access local services we can help them manage their health needs in a more sustainable way. In 2017 we continued to serve our communities in the following ways:



 Bringing our care coordination services to over 1,922 patients in Yakima, Benton, Franklin, Spokane, Walla Walla and Snohomish Counties

 Expansion to 22 employees throughout the state

 Added a statewide contract with United Health Care to provide services to Medicaid clients across all service areas

 Partnering with recent Health Care Authority (HCA) funding to improve access to supportive employment resources

 Involved in SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery) statewide to reduce homelessness for the disabled

 Coordinating with legal resources to assign guardianships for vulnerable patients

 Partnering with three Accountable Communities’ of Health (ACH) across WA state in order to transform how care is delivered to Medicaid patients in WA

 Continuing to work closely with local agencies in each of the counties we serve by coordinating health and social resources at monthly community meetings

 Use of our unique Health Access Fund on discretionary spending to improve the health of our patients through non-medical support. More than $8,000 was used to help our patients…

  • Pay for rent in supportive or independent housing
  • Purchase bus passes or provide other transportation
  • Provide cell phones to patients
  • Provide food and other basic needs like clothing, healthcare and other supplies



 Partnering with Snohomish County Fire District to promote the expansion of their Community Paramedic Program

 Exploring contracts with area hospitals to strengthen our ability to reach the most vulnerable in the community

 Involved in the CHART (Chronic Utilizer Alternative Response Team) collaborative in Everett to address needs of the most high cost individuals in Everett



 Opened a new office in Walla Walla County with a solid hospital contract with Providence St Mary Medical Center, staffed with a full-time RN Case Manager and Client Advocate

 Partnership with local EMS to address patients over-utilizing 911 services

 Exploring justice initiatives aimed at jail diversion services in Walla Walla county



 Continue to support an office in Yakima County with a full-time nurse case manager and Client Advocate to better serve patients in the area.

 Close partnership with the Union Gospel Mission, focusing on patients that are in need of more intensive care coordination

 Partner with local homeless camps to address access to healthcare



 Chief Operations Officer is Project Lead for the Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health Opioid Demonstration project for years 2018-2021

 Support of the Pasco Hot Spotters program and involvement in grant opportunities for Franklin County to promote jail diversion for those suffering with mental illness

 Partnering with Catholic Charities to explore low-barrier housing for the homeless in Pasco WA

 Instrumental in securing funds to provide training and overdose kits for expanding Narcan distribution to law enforcement agencies



 Development of the Summit Pilot Project, a partnership between Consistent Care Services and Amerigroup Washington, Inc. to bring intensive, community-based case management to high-utilizers of Medicaid resources in Spokane County. 

 Partnering with SUD providers in Spokane to deliver a more cost effective and therapeutic approach as an alternative to high cost medical needs typically delivered in a hospital, but instead while in SUD residential treatment

New contract with an Federally Qualified Health Clinic (FQHC) CHAS to deliver Case Management to CHPW Medicare Advantage members

Leased an apartment in Spokane called “Launchpad” in order to offer transitional housing to homeless patients in Substance Use Disorder (SUD) recovery

Started a new program in Spokane to identify patients facing life-threatening infections related to IV drug use

 Exploring opportunities around the use of Long Acting Anti-Psychotic medications through the ED

Facilitated early buprenorphine initiation in the Sacred Heart Emergency Department


Looking forward, we will continue to seek partnerships in new communities. It is our hope that you will join us in 2018 as we continue to grow.

2017 Social Purpose Corporation Report