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Two new Spokane projects to know about

Two new projects in Spokane are finding success connecting individuals to health services and resources within the community. Spokane’s Community Diversion Unit (CDU) pairs mental health professionals and police to respond to individuals in the community experiencing homelessness or mental health crises. Working side-by-side, the co-deployed teams aim to divert individuals away from jails and hospitals and connect them to services.

The other project, launched through the national nonprofit Bail Project, helps certain individuals get out of jail while they await trial. About two-thirds of Spokane’s jail population haven’t been convicted and are simply awaiting trial; about 90 percent of those pre-trial individuals cannot afford bail. In Spokane, two of the biggest barriers Bail Project clients face are homelessness and substance abuse. Community partners — such as Empire Health Foundation, Consistent Care, and WestCare Foundation — work with those clients to connect them to services like transportation assistance or medical and mental health treatment.

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At Consistent Care we take a patient-centered approach to case management in response to inappropriate use of emergency departments. By using a community health model, we engage social resources within the community to collaborate on comprehensive care plans that address the health and social challenges faced by our patients. Our RN case managers and client advocates work directly with our patients and their families to navigate the health and social care systems in an effort to improve access to care and their quality of life.

If you or someone you know are in need of our services, please contact us for more info.

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